The Royal Wind Music

Double sextet of renaissance recorders founded by Paul Leenhouts, specialised in Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian and English music written between 1520 and 1640.

Welcome to the website of The Royal Wind Music: a unique consort of renaissance recorders founded by Paul Leenhouts. They perform on a collection of instruments made by Adriana Breukink and Bob Marvin that ranges from the twelve-inch sopranino to the sub-contrabass measuring over ten feet. The thirteen members of the ensemble, originally from Austria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom, all studied at the Amsterdam Conservatoire.

Crowd funding: Open Recorder Days Amsterdam 2015
After an unforgettable and very successful first edition in 2012, recorder players from all over the world will come together again in Amsterdam between 14-17 May, 2015 during the ...
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Stephanie Brandt
Stephanie Brandt (*1978) joined The Royal Wind Music in 1999, shortly after moving to Amsterdam to study recorder with Paul Leenhouts. Before that, she had been a prizewinner at youth competit...
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December 20, 2015

De Duif
Prinsengracht 756


Topstukken & Kopstukken / Top of the Blocks
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Angeli, Zingare & Pastori
This album, rewarded with the seal "Luister 10" by the prestigious Dutch magazine Luister, is a journey through the many characters inherent in the ens...
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Anonymous (Spain, 16th cent.): Cinco Diferencias sobre Las Vacas

Arrangement & direction: Paul Leenhouts
Live performance at the Nicolaikirche, Lemgo (Germany)
September 5, 2009

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